Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2021

The interior design industry has been growing consistently over the last couple of years, and with that, new and innovative ideas are introduced to us. People have now started putting in much thought and effort into making their home unique yet efficient. Multiple interior design shows have also started popping up on Netflix, such as ‘Dream Home Makeover’ and ‘Interior Design Masters,’ causing a spur of inspiration in people

With so many new trends going around, it is overwhelming for most people to make the right choice as per the space and needs

If you’re looking for ideas for your new house or some inspiration to jazz up your living area, here are some innovative designs for you to visualize and make your home stand out

1) Home Offices

A major chunk of the population had to start working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant finding a spot in the house to build your own mini office. Today, one of the world’s biggest trends is setting up home offices, with home office design requests increasing by 40% over the last year, allowing a creative space for us to work in

It is time to add a formal office-like setting to boost productivity, which is much needed with all the deadlines piling up.

2) Eco-Friendly Interiors

Mother nature has done so much for us since the dawn of time, and it’s about time we return some love to her. Seeing all the drastic shifts in nature, people have become more conscious about their choices and are moving towards eco-friendly alternatives

Recycling and upcycling old furniture and accessories can save up a lot of money and reduce waste production. Many sustainable yet chic options can be found in the markets that add the right pop to your house without adding to the big pile of waste

So, reuse, reduce, and recycle

3) Smart Storage Spaces

Small homes are the latest fad in the construction industry. People are moving away from large, underutilized spaces to more cozy and comforting structures to build a better connection to their homes. To keep up with this new trend

people are now incorporating creative storage spaces into their homes to open up more areas without any cluttering issues. So, utilize that empty corner, turn it into a smart storage area, and make your room look bigger and brighter

4) Biophilic Designs

Humans have an unconscious connection to nature which keeps pulling them towards it from time to time. It’s what helps keep them grounded and at peace, away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

To boost that connection to nature, people are now incorporating plants and wood elements into their interior design plans. This not only gives us fresh and positive vibes every day but also adds to the beauty of the house.

5) Dark Kitchens

Dark spaces were associated with teens and goths as a sign of rebellion but have now become a style statement. Dark kitchens are the latest craze in the world of interior design. Black or dark blue cabinets and countertops turn heads with their prominence while adding depth to kitchen spaces.

Investing the right amount of time and money into your home to make it functional yet beautiful is a neat trick not everyone knows. Having the right designers by your side can take your space from drab to fab, so find the perfect stylists for your abode today

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