Top Construction Companies in the US

Construction Companies

The construction industry has been immensely affected in the past few years. These years have been tumultuous as we witnessed the rise in pricing and shortage of labor at different intervals. Still, some of the reliable construction and remodeling companies stayed up to the mark.

Where different Construction Companies in the US experienced slow business, some companies did not lose their revenue benchmark. Let’s follow the journey of top US construction companies that did not lose their value even in challenging times.

Six Reliable Construction and Remodeling Companies

The list is wide, and time is short. Therefore, we have filtered out the six best Construction Companies in the US. When it comes to reliable construction and remodeling, one can trust these companies with closed eyes.

1. The Turner Corporation

At a time, Bechtel used to lead the chart of countries’ biggest construction companies. But recently, in 2022, The Turner Corporation has dethroned it. The company remained at the top for six years before Turner took over the spot.

The Turner Corporation is based out of New Your City. It is a construction companies founded in 1902 by Henry Chandlee Turner. The company has taken over some of the largest projects in the country. They have more than 10,000 employees on board. It is not a big deal for them to work on more than 1,500 projects every year.

2. Bechtel

As discussed earlier, Bechtel has now become the second-biggest Construction Companies in the US. It held the spot at the top for six years, and even today, it is considered the most reliable construction and remodeling company in the US.

The company is an expert in engineering, project management, and construction. It was founded by Warren Bechtel in 1898. You can find its headquarter in Reston, Virginia. The company has no payment issues.

Subs and suppliers working at this company are happy with the payments. The Construction Companies has completed more than 96% of the projects in the last 12 months with zero complaints. The compatibility of the company makes it stand out among competitors.

3. Flour

This one is a popular and reliable construction and remodeling company based in Texas. It was founded by Swiss immigrants in 1912. There are mostly humble origins in the company. The employee count at this company crosses 40,000 globally.

Flour has offices in different parts of the world. There is no continent that does not include Flour. You will find one in Antarctica as well. The company has a ‘C’ payment score. However, some of its contractors are happy with the slow payment of 90+ days.

The exact payment speed of the company is unknown. We found very few reviews on their site.

4. Kiewit

Kiewit is an engineering, construction, and mining company based in Omaha, Nebraska. It was founded in 1884. The company employs more than 22,000 people. They are located all around the US and Canada.

The payments at this company are slow. They earn a ‘B’ payment score. Some contractors at Kiewit report more than 90 days before receiving payment.

5. Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

This company is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It focuses on the construction of healthcare, technology, life sciences, commercial, education, and transportation projects.

Whiting-Turner is located in the US in 50 different places, from Hawaii to Massachusetts. Forbes has named it one of the biggest private businesses in the country.

The payment score of this company is ‘B”. Contractors have reported payment problems on 12% of their projects. It is popular in the industry about Whiting-Turner that the company is inconsistent with payments.

6. STO Building Group Incorporated

STO Building Group Incorporated came into existence when eight construction companies joined hands. The headquarter of this company is in New York. But it has 2,200 employees across the US, Canada, and Ireland.

The reviews on the site claim project managers to be extremely uncommunicative. They do not approve change orders after the work is done. The payment score is also bad. However, there were people with positive feedback as well who said there were no problems.

7. Born2Build

Born 2 Build ought to be your first choice if you’re seeking all the construction services you could possibly need under one roof. They have a team of experts in interior design, carpentry, electrical work, and other construction-related fields.

Born2Build’s teams go above and beyond to make their clients’ visions a reality. They are in high demand because they are reliable and affordable. When it comes to building homes at reasonable prices, the company has a solid reputation.

Final Words

The US takes pride in these six top reliable construction and remodeling companies. They did not let the country down, even in challenging times. But these big companies mostly deal in big projects.

If you want to get your home restructured or other small-scale projects are on your list, Born2Build can get them done for you. It might not be as big as these six companies, but its reputation does not shy away when compared with theirs. People believe in this company when it’s about reliable construction and remodeling.

So, keep your trust and call the professionals of Born2Build for premium construction solutions.

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Best Top Construction Companies in the USA 2022
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