5 Features in Old Properties to Revisit with Reliable Construction Services

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Old and traditional, even ethnic homes, have a charming appeal that modern, contemporary, and structurally new houses could never exude. From decals and intrinsic details like brass door knockers and walls so sturdy that modern drywall could not compare, old homes are coming back into demand in the real estate market.

However, there is one obvious fact when it comes to owning or buying old property: there are several structural, functional, and slightly aesthetic aspects that may need revisiting with the help of professional and  reliable construction services.

Here are some features of an old property to revisit:

Structural/Foundational Compromise

Any property can develop foundation cracks irrespective of how long it has been since its construction. However, older homes are more likely to experience foundation-related problems.

Your house’s foundation may develop cracks due to several factors, including inadequate or faulty construction, groundwater, and drainage problems. In some situations, it can also be tree roots growing under the house.

During the renovation process, you might need to fix any foundation cracks in your home that are greater than ⅛ of an inch or growing larger with reliable construction services. Additionally, you should watch out for bulging along with foundation cracks, as this may be a sign of a more significant structural problem.

Toxic Build-up in the Walls

Many older homes have walls that essentially contain harmful substances. For instance, houses built before the 1980s often have asbestos in materials like paint, insulation, and tiles. When these materials are removed, asbestos fibers can become airborne, which is dangerous for people in the house and, for the most part, can only be removed through reconstruction or chemical treatment.

Lead-based paint is also a concern in older homes. It can lead to health issues, especially in children and pregnant women. If you’re dealing with asbestos, hiring professionals who can provide reliable construction services is best.

Inadequate Insulation

In many older homes, the wall cavities are left uninsulated or have outdated insulation materials that have lost their effectiveness. Our reliable construction services can drill small holes in the walls and inject insulation material, such as foam or blown-in insulation, into the cavities. This significantly improves the home’s thermal performance.

Alongside insulation upgrades, addressing air leaks in older homes is also an urgent to-do list aspect to revisit. Our professionals can seal gaps and cracks in the walls, which can prevent drafts and improve the overall energy efficiency of the house.

5 Features in Old Properties to Revisit with Reliable Construction Services

The Electrical Wiring Work

This wiring system in older houses lacks a grounding pathway, making it more prone to potentially harming sensitive electronic devices due to the absence of grounding protection.

Additionally, the absence of three-prong outlets, which many modern appliances rely on, can make it inconvenient for daily usage. Also, the gradual deterioration of the wire insulation over time. If this insulation wears off, it can expose live wires, creating a significant fire hazard.

Roofing Problems

Our reliable construction services and experts place great importance on the roofing of a house. It’s likely that an older home needs renovation or will require a new roof. The average lifespan of even high-quality roofs is 25 to 50 years. In addition, wooden shingles, which are prone to fire, leaks, and mold, were frequently used in the construction of historic homes’ roofs.

There’s also a significant probability that the roof needs to be changed to meet the most recent building rules, which outline the materials, thicknesses, and construction techniques to guarantee durability and safety. These requirements vary depending on the year the house was built.

How Reliable Construction Services Serve You

Our team comprises construction service professionals who collaborate with architects specializing in old property preservation and repair. These experts can guide preserving the home’s unique architectural elements and designs while making it functional for contemporary living.

Our construction services with project management expertise are well-equipped to handle these intricacies. They create comprehensive plans to address structural problems while preserving historical integrity, manage budgets, and monitor expenditures closely.

Additionally, their ability to coordinate different trades and implement rigorous quality control measures ensures that the project proceeds smoothly, stays within budget, and meets specified timelines, all while preserving the unique charm and character of the property.

5 Features in Old Properties to Revisit with Reliable Construction Services


These homes’ charm, character, and timeless beauty are worth every effort, and preserving these architectural treasures enriches our collective cultural heritage.

If you find yourself drawn to an older or historic home, hiring our reliable construction services makes you one step closer to a perfect home.

With Born 2 Build, you can finally have the old house of your dreams in the best condition it has ever been. To learn more about us, visit us at Born2Build.

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5 Features in Old Properties to Revisit with Reliable Construction Services
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